Bell Care Family Visits services includes off-site visits. These visits are conducted in public.  An example of the  places parents meet with their children are the Phoenix Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, Fat Cats, the waterpark and library.  

Intake & Orientation

A one-time fee required by both parents or guardians.  During the intake, the Supervised Monitor will learn about the case, discuss in detail of the visits and contract to be signed.


$55.00   each  parent

Visits & Exchanges

Supervised Visits

Starting at $60 per hour

Off-Site Supervised Visits are conducted with both the child and non-custodial parent in a public place such as libraries, amusement parks, restaurants, museums, and shopping malls, etc. 

Additional hourly rate, per additional child $60.00.

 Call to get more information. 

Monitored Exchanges

Starting at $ 30 each way

Transportation service is provided for a minimal fee: $30.00 each-way up to 10 miles, per child.  Additional mileage may apply. 


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