"Your child's safety is our concern."

Professional Supervised Visits, Monitoring and Exchanges 

In the event your child's safety is in questioned the court will authorize supervised visits. A Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor, also known as Supervised Child Monitor will accompany both the child and Non-Custodial parent on visits held in public areas such as the library, museum, amusement, park, zoo and park.

A trusted Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor with 6 years experience serving clients in Arizona and California.  

When the court authorizes joint custody we step in to help establish and maintain a healthy relationship. 

Bell Care Family Visits help families build better relationships.  Our services includes meeting with custodial and non-custodial parent. Based on the court orders, it is our goal to make sure that we adhere to all court orders.  We stay in constant conversation with both parents to make sure that each person knows the ramifications of violating the court orders.  Then we work together to create a safe and healthy visit(s) for the child.  Open lines of honest communications is encourage at all times.  Before each visit we will confirm the dates, times and locations of each visit and/or exchange.  It is our goal to ensure your child's safety at all times. We take extra measures to make sure that your child is safe and will not experience physical or emotional trauma. 

Our Credentials

Certificate of completion as a Professional Supervised Provider 

All Ages CPR AED Certification

IVP Fingerprint Clearance





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